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Stand Up Strings

Stand Up Strings is a guitar or bass guitar vertical stand that you clamp your instrument onto and play like an upright instrument. You can play an electric bass guitar like a vertical bass guitar or you can play an electric guitar like a cello. Stand Up Strings offers an enhanced playing experience. Some users say that this instrument stand enhances the sound because the sound resonates through the length of it.

Stand Up Strings is lightweight, can be assembled quickly, is easily adaptable from left to right handed use, creates minimal interference when playing, and can be used with many instrument shapes and sizes. Making music is a passion and Stand Up Strings elevates your playing experience.


How Stand Up Strings Works

Stand up strings uses padded compression clamps to hold the instrument to the stand. We have tested it on a bass guitar with a beeswax finish and it has not been scratched by the clamps with foam grips. Simply remove the strap from the instrument, place the bottom strap nut into the bottom support of the stand and install the clamps. The slots in the body of this stand allows for fine adjustment of the instrument position. We have found that the ideal height for a bass is to have the low G note (third fret on the low E String in a standard tuning) to be at eye height. We offer Stand Up Strings in 3 height options and one finish. Every model comes in the ebony finish made from a combination of various reused and recycled wood.


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