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Stand Up Strings, the On-stage Guitar Stand

Play your favorite electric instrument vertically! If you own an electric guitar or electric bass and want to try a new playing experience, Stand Up Strings is for you! Stand Up Strings is a vertical guitar stand you clamp any electric guitar or electric bass guitar to in order to play vertically.

In 2005, a bassist experimented with some wood to build himself a vertical jig to place his bass guitar into so he could play vertically. He loved the experience and worked on perfecting the design for several years. Recently he decided to remove a windbreak of trees from his property. This included White Pine, Norway Spruce, Red Oak, White Oak and Maple. Today he is recycling and reusing those much loved trees for his one-of-a-kind vertical play guitar stand. We are thrilled to announce the release of Stand Up Strings!

Change your playing experience. Check out our Kickstarter campaign and help us get this into the hands of guitarists around the world!


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